“You know how you feel when you don’t know how you feel? That’s how I feel.” | Ariella Raz

Like the two emotions you feel are intersecting but there’s no exact way of describing it, so your mind gets confused. You’re confused and attempting to explain it just makes it all the more confusing.

So you don’t. You don’t attempt to describe it. You don’t get people confused. You just sit there mellowing in your feelings.

You don’t know exactly what those feelings are, but they’re there for sure.

That’s a sure thang. It’s hard to explain but it’s indescribable, yet it’s not. It’s the most describable feeling in the world for how often you’ve felt it. Yet it isn’t, you have no words or way of accurately describing it. A punch in the stomach? Perhaps. Yet it may not even come close for all I know, as soon as you feel it, it changes suddenly and drastically. Butterflies fluttering in your belly, the warmest feelings and happiest joy. The emotions pile on, in a never-ending pile, they leap at you until you’re nearly devoured by them. You’re suffocating in your own thoughts and possibilities, the seemingly endless nightmares all equally as likely as the next right-hand turn. And then it just stops.

All in the blink of an eye, less than a second, a milli-second. You feel normal again, you can look at the situation with a clear-level headed mind and make an actual decision.


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